Agoraphobia and Trip (Poem)

I took another trip with my husband,

A trip I didn’t think would be possible,

I didn’t think I would even have a husband,

That too seem impossible,

Yet time gave me a gift of a trip with my husband.


I used to say I don’t want someone who wants to travel,

The agoraphobia that I used to have lied to me,

The agoraphobia said “it’s impossible to travel.”

I let the agoraphobia convince me,

Yet time showed me that I can travel.


I didn’t know how life would turn out when I found out my husband likes to travel,

I told him “you should’ve told me you liked to travel,”

Still my husband said “I like to travel, but I’ll be fine if we don’t travel,”

Yet deep down it was also me who wanted to travel,

I just listened to agoraphobia and convinced myself I didn’t want to travel.


So how was I able to travel?

I was able to travel because my husband didn’t pressure me,

My husband and I chose to travel when I was able to travel,

I traveled because there was somewhere I wanted to be and see,

Most of all, I ignored the agoraphobia that said “it’s impossible to travel.”

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