Scary Indoors and Outdoors (Poem)

The world out there can be scary,

It seems better to be indoors where it seems safe,

Turns out the indoors can also be scary,

The indoors isn’t always safe,

Why is it scary?


There was a time when I slept peacefully,

What I didn’t know was that my grandpa accidentally left the gas stove on,

The house could’ve blown up while I slept peacefully,

I didn’t even know he had left the gas stove on,

Until my dad came to the house and let me know the entire house smelled like gas while I slept peacefully.


So why try so hard to avoid the scary outdoors?

Why not try to slowly face it?

Face it like you face what happens indoors?

Find the strength to be brave as you try to face it,

Be brave indoors and be brave outdoors.


Eventually you’ll see you’re okay,

After all, you’re okay indoors so that proves you have what it takes to be okay outdoors,

You just need the proof to show you you’ll be okay,

A proof you can only get by being outdoors,

So I say, “come on and show yourself you’ll be okay.”

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