My Supervisor (Poem)

My supervisor says working on a holiday is optional,

Some employees choose not to work,

Turns out she lied about it being optional,

She got angry when some didn’t show for work,

I guess it wasn’t really optional.


My supervisor wants to talk about our personal life,

She tells me I need to talk,

I learned in work it’s best not to share so much about your personal life,

Turns out she and another bad talk,

Made me glad I didn’t share anything about my personal life.


My supervisor wants us to do her work,

She does nothing,

We don’t get paid more for doing her work,

She gets paid more for doing nothing,

Yes, that’s how it is where I work.


My supervisor says we have to do a review for the president,

I can’t even tell the president how she doesn’t even do her job,

She wants to see it before sending it to the president,

She blocks the negative so she can keep getting paid to be lazy on the job,

That’s why I say what’s the point in sending a review to the president.


My supervisor tells the president I get a 3 from a 1-5 review,

She says I still need improvement,

It makes me want to say “bitch, you don’t even have a right to review,”

You’re the one who needs improvement,

That’s another reason why I disapprove of sending a review.


My supervisor says she’s going on another vacation,

She won’t be around so we should contact the other supervisor,

It seems like she’s always on a vacation,

Why is she even a supervisor?

She’s lousy at supervising and better at taking a vacation.


My supervisor says I get a quarter raise,

I stress and I only get a quarter every six months,

I get paid more in other jobs that don’t give raise,

Yet I needed the money so I put up with it for months,

I can now walk up and say “I won’t put up with you anymore just for a quarter raise.”

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