Restroom In A Trip (Poem)

On a trip and I got to pee,

Where’s the girls restroom?

I really got to pee,

I hope it’s a clean restroom,

Yes, that’s important even if I have to really pee.


In I go and I end up with “what do I do?”

This restroom only has curtains as a door,

What should I do?

I guess hold the curtain and hope nobody tries to open the curtain door,

I can’t say it was comfortable trying to do what I got to do.


Another restroom stop in another city,

What does that sign say?

Rattlesnakes in this city,

Should I go or stay?

I guess I got to hurry up and use the potty.


Still a curtain door and rattlesnakes made an interesting story,

Yes, I had fun trying to find a place to pee,

So I say stop and find a potty for an interesting story,

Who knows what you’ll see or hear when you go to pee,

Perhaps you’ll have a better story.

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