Cut That (Poem)

You ain’t that bad looking,

Why you putting up with that shit?

He ain’t even that great looking,

He’s a piece of shit,

He’s even looking at other chicks whether you notice and don’t notice him looking.


Perhaps you are chained because of the sex,

Sad you don’t even realize that there are better lovers,

Sad you don’t realize the one who truly loves you would give you better sex,

Yet his beautiful lies convinces you there aren’t better lovers,

He convinces you he’s the only one who can give you amazing sex.


Oh, but you love him?

I say cut that bullshit,

How can you love someone like him?

How can you love someone who loves to spit out bullshit,

I say you need to break that illusion of him.


How do you get over him?

I say get under another who truly shows you that he loves you,

The true love will have you saying “what did I ever see in him?”

The true love will show how piece of shit made a fool of you,

It’s a true love that can only be found by walking away from him.

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