Control and Abuse (Poem)

He says she can’t go anywhere,

He doesn’t want her around other men,

There are men everywhere,

He can’t keep away all men,

He’ll have to be with her everywhere.


She feels that is love,

She loves being controlled by that man,

Fooled by an illusion that controlling means love,

Fooled by that controlling man,

I say that isn’t love.


Proof that he doesn’t love her is in his physical abuse,

Yet those bruises didn’t convince her that he doesn’t love her,

She had another child after the abuse,

Those children are now seeing a wrong love because of her,

She’s making those children believe that a love includes control and abuse.


Perhaps those children will find true love in the future,

Perhaps one day the children will tell their mother “that isn’t love,”

Perhaps they will have a better future,

It seems their mother is going to forever settle with that love,

That’s her sad future.

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