For years I hope to get a full-time job,

Finally got hired,

It felt like a perfect job,

I didn’t know the issue that would arise after I got hired,

The issue arose after I moved from part-time to full-time job.


A woman who acts like a manager,

Yet she is the same position as me,

Thinks years in the position makes her a manager,

Yet in doesn’t change the fact she’s in the same position as me,

I’m thankful she isn’t a manager.


I didn’t respond to her when she spoke to me,

I was busy working that chatting wasn’t important,

I didn’t even know she was talking to me,

Yet she felt she was important,

So my lack of response resulted in her talking shit about me.


Perhaps I might get fired because of her,

Yet there’s nothing I can do,

I don’t have years of experience in the company like her,

That’s why I feel there’s nothing I can do,

Sad how years of hoping for a full-time shattered all because of her.