There were times I came close to dying,

The actions of others or the environment almost brought death,

There were no suicidal thoughts of dying,

It was life reminding me of the factors that can bring death,

Yet a fact is that each day we get closer to dying.


Humans aren’t meant to live forever,

We get older and get reminded that we aren’t immortal,

We lose loved ones that remind us that only death is forever,


Sometimes some of us get scared that we aren’t immortal,

The fear of death makes some of us wish we can live forever.


Sadly, a wish for immortality isn’t ever going to happen,

So what do we do?

Do we get depressed over something that’s going to happen?

Should we focus on the now and try to find happiness in everything we do?

The question is “do you want to be happy or unhappy in this current life while knowing death is going to happen?”