Heart (Poem)

An ex-lover took out my heart without a medical license,

I became like a tin man without a heart,

Then my husband came along and got a heart-related license,

He slowly healed the broken heart,

Never would’ve imagined I would marry someone with a heart-related license.


He’s careful with my heart,

He’s careful with the patient’s heart,

He has seen the fragileness of a heart,

Yet I won’t say he doesn’t ever cause pain in my heart,

Our differences can cause pain in the heart.


Still, I trust him with my heart,

I trust he won’t yank out my heart and break it,

Instead, he’ll do his best to leave only small cracks on my heart,

He’ll do his best to say goodbye while making sure my heart can take it,

After all, he’s an expert with the heart.


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