Hit From Parents (Poem)

I saw the look she used to give me,

My body became ready to fight,

I was preparing for her to hit me,

Yet I wasn’t going to stand there without a fight,

I wasn’t going to allow her to hit me.


I let my mother hit me when I was younger too many times,

I never realized how wrong it was for her to hit me,

Until I looked back and questioned all those times,

I was having a hard time and she was hitting me,

It never felt like she cared about me during those times.


Yet today she stopped herself from hitting me,

It’s a good thing too because my dad would’ve hit me if I stopped my mom from hitting me,

That’s when I knew this home is a toxic home for me,

They’ll still think they can do whatever to me,

I know deep down I can’t deal with my psychological issues as long as long as I stay here and continue to give them power over me.


No, my parents aren’t bad people,

My parents just don’t always know how to communicate,

Communicating isn’t always easy for people,

Yet I’m too tired of staying and hoping they’ll learn to communicate,

So I’ll walk away, keep on loving them, and keep on saying they’re good people.

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