Remember and Know (Poem)

Married now,

Don’t feel the jealousy,

I don’t feel I’m better because I’m married now,

I remember the jealousy,

I remember the pain before now.


Yes, I know the pain of the single life,

I know the longing of wanting to be loved,

I know the pain that comes when another relationship doesn’t lead to a married life,

I know the pain of realizing you weren’t truly loved,

I know how it feels to cry during the loveless life.


I know the desperation of just wanting to get married,

I know of the clock that says you are getting older,

I also know why you should wait for the right one to get married,

My current marriage taught me that true love can happen even when you’re getting older,

So yes, I believe that after all your pain and time you’ll realize why you should’ve waited to get married.

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