I’m smiling,

I’m feeling the hate and jealousy,

Only those close know what I’m hiding,

The perfect life that I’m showing is what’s causing the jealousy,

All because I’ve gotten good at disguising.


I doubt they’ll be able to endure a panic attack,

To panic because of their fear,

No one wants a panic attack,

No one wants to face their fear,

So the question is “Are you so jealous that you want to live with a panic attack?”


Still, some know of my panic/anxiety and judge me,

All because their own fear hasn’t caused a panic attack,

That’s why they judge me,

Perhaps they need to experience a panic attack,

Perhaps only then will they stop judging me.


Yet I wouldn’t want anyone to experience a panic attack,

I wouldn’t want that because I know how it feels,

I know how difficult it can be to get through a panic attack,

Thus, I choose to become stronger with their judgment instead of saying I wish you knew how it feels,

After all, I’ve gotten to see who truly cares about me because of the panic attack.