Nobody to Somebody (Poem)

You’re trying to speak louder,

You don’t want me to be heard,

Want me to feel like crap as you speak louder,

It breaks my heart that I’m leaving without being heard,

Yet I’m not going to sink to your level and speak louder.


In the end, you’ll be the past,

In the future, I’ll be shining brightly because I walked away from you,

I’ll shine because of my painful past,

The past that motivated me to become better than you,

Yes, deep down I know my future success will come from my painful past.


So you can do your best to show I’m a nobody,

Yet, I overcame so much in my past that my self-esteem is no longer that low,

That’s why I know the people who aren’t worth it are the ones that try to make others into a nobody,

It’s sad that people like you sink so low,

However, in the end, I walked away and headed towards people who know I’m a somebody.

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