What causes me to get in a bad mood?

Usually, one person can cause me to get angry at everyone,

That one person puts me in  a bad person,

Not knowing how to deal with that one person makes me angry at everyone,

All because of that one person.


So there are days when everyone makes me angry,

Days when I want to say “shut the fuck up,”

It can be hard not to say what I want to say when I’m angry,

Thus, at times I put on a fake disguise instead of saying “shut up,”

After all, it isn’t always good to say what you want when you’re angry.


Truthfully, it’s better to cool down before speaking,

Yet for some reason, people just feel like talking when I’m angry,

It can make it harder to cool down before speaking,

Still, I do my best not to remain angry,

I do my best to watch what I say before speaking.