What Should I Believe? (Poem)

What should I believe?

Should a believe a future of success?

Is that what I should believe?

Should I believe a future without success?

Is that what should I believe?


It can be hard to believe a different outcome,

Hard when it seems all I ever had was hardships,

So tell me how do I believe I’ll have a better outcome?

Proof is the constant hardships,

There’s no proof of a better outcome.


I start to believe and then another hardship happens,

Isn’t it better not to believe in something better?

Shouldn’t I just keep believing that hardship is all that happens?

What’s the point in better?

In the end, it feels like I’ll keep hurting or getting disappointed because of the hardship that happens.


So what do I say to myself about believing?

Would you rather give up or keep fighting for success?

Would you rather lose even the small chance just because you stop believing?

In life, we all have different types of success,

Yet in order to actually see or achieve success, it’s important not to stop believing.



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