Lower to Higher Position (Poem)

You said you cried when you were in my position,

Now you’re doing your best to make us cry,

You stopped caring about the lower position as you rose to the higher position,

You’ve become like those that once made you cry,

Now you want to use us in your higher position.


Yes, you succeeded in making me cry,

Yet I’m not like you,

I chose to resign when I realized all I’m going to do is cry,

I don’t want to stick around and get mistreated by others who have forgotten like you,

I don’t want to work for anyone who forgot that they used to cry.


I rather work for those who remember where they started,

I want to work for those who don’t want to make my work harder just because they struggled,

I haven’t ever forgotten how it all started,

I haven’t forgotten how I struggled,

I haven’t forgotten because my motivation is remembering how I started.

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