I watched you speak,

Pretending I didn’t see through your disguise,

You continued to speak,

Thankful I could see through your disguise,

Disappointed more and more in you as you continued to speak.


How could you look at me and speak those words to me?

Why didn’t you feel bad about trying to fool me?

Still I listened and analyzed why you were doing this to me,

I analyzed in order to figure out what to say or do after you were done speaking to me,

Yet all I could do is walk away when you were done speaking to me.


I stressed as I tried to figure out what to do with you,

I cried because you became another person who lost my trust,

That’s how I made the choice to say goodbye to you,

I didn’t want someone in my life who I couldn’t trust,

Thus, it was what is best for me and not best for you.


You didn’t care as you spoke those words to me,

So why should I care what my leaving does to you?

Without trust there isn’t a space for you with me,

Without trust is goodbye to you,

Hence, I only let in people who I know aren’t in my life just to hurt me.