Company Going Down (Poem)

One aggressive manager is gone,

A passive manager remains,

Deep down it feels the company is going to go down now that the aggressive manager is gone,

Staying seems difficult since the passive manager remains,

How is the passive manager going to succeed now that the aggressive manager is gone?


The passive manager always says to ask someone else when questions arise,

The passive manager never knows anything,

What is she going to do when problems arise?

A lower employee seems to want to take her place since the passive manager doesn’t know anything,

Yet that means more issues are going to arise.


The lower employee tried to knock me down,

Yet I didn’t let her because she was in the same position as me,

Now she has more power and it seems she’s going to try to knock me down,

Now the company doesn’t feel right for me,

Deep down I feel the lazy employees, the passive manager, and the lower employee is going to bring the entire company down.


Now I’m working so hard to find another job,

Working hard because I’m unappreciated in this company,

Working hard because the employees make it hard to want to remain in this job,

I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get hired at another company,

I wish it wasn’t hard to get another job.



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