I watched her cry,

My heart broke as she cried for her mother,

I began to cry,

I cried as I thought about those without a mother,

I wondered how many long for their mother and cry.


I thought about my own mother,

I thought about what kind of mother I want to be,

I thought about how blessed I’ve been because of my mother,

I thought about how I wish my child will feel blessed when he/she thinks about me,

Thus, my wish is to become the best mother.


Yet there are those without mothers who say “I don’t need you to be perfect,”

Those without mothers sometimes say “I just want you to be here,”

That lessens the fear of not being perfect,

That’s why one day I’ll adopt a child and say “I’m here,”

That’s why one day I’ll tell my adopted child “Thank you for accepting me even if I’m not perfect.”