Fear to Loving the World (Poem)

The world once made me sick,

Fear kept me in my room,

I couldn’t step out of my room without feeling sick,

I felt safe in my room,

Yet it depressed me every time I felt sick.


I cried and I prayed to get better,

Yet I knew deep down it was up to me to overcome my fear,

So I slowly left my room in order to get better,

I stayed a few minutes outside in order to slowly overcome my fear,

It was so hard to fight to get better.


Eventually, minutes became hours,

Eventually, I could stay outside without running inside,

I learned to appreciate the world during the hours,

The fear inside became falling in love inside,

I fell in love with the world during those hours.


Now I can travel to a different state,

I’m grateful for each person that I meet,

It’s truly a blessing and a miracle that I can go to another state,

It brings happy tears to not fear every person that I meet,

Still, I’ll always prefer my own state.

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