Bad Mouth (Poem)

The tears fell when ya’ll bad mouthed me in public,

I almost quit my job because it wasn’t right for a manager to do that,

I told the other manager and you that you shouldn’t bad mouth in public,

Yet you didn’t listen when I said that,

You still continued to bad mouth in public.


It was so wrong of you to use our work forum to talk bad,

Yet you never deleted what you said even when you saw that it bothered me,

You didn’t care that it made me feel bad,

You made work really difficult for me,

You always tried to find ways to make me feel bad.


Yet I stayed because of my other co-workers,

I dried my tears and continue to stay in the company,

I liked my other co-workers,

I liked the company,

Honestly, I would’ve left if it wasn’t for those co-workers.


However, you eventually decided to quit and leave,

Yet you used the work email to forward an essay that talked about the CEO,

You said the CEO is the reason that you chose to leave,

I couldn’t believe you cursed at the CEO,

Why couldn’t you just leave?


The answer is “you like causing drama,”

You try to cause issues between co-workers,

That’s why I give thanks that you aren’t around to cause more drama,

You even tried to say that you care about your co-workers,

I say that’s bull shit because if you would’ve cared then you wouldn’t have caused drama.

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