Doing Too Much (Poem)

Change and I might stay with you,

I don’t want to change,

Can I still stay with you?

Why do I have to be the one that has to change?

Why is it always me that has to change and not you?


Do this and do that,

I’m already doing too much,

I don’t want to do this and that,

I’m not even appreciated for doing too much,

Yet you keep wanting me to do this and that.


What am I trying to say?

So many people wanting me to change,

That’s what I’m trying to say,

I didn’t want to change,

Yet they didn’t care what I had to say.


What else am I trying to say?

No one ever thanks me for stressing and doing too much,

Do more and more is what they all continue to say,

Thus, people are always expecting too much,

In return, they never appreciate when I stay.

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