Fight Alone (Poem)

Do you know how it feels to fight alone?

I know how it feels,

It was a crowd that I fought alone,

Yes, I know how it feels,

I know how much it hurts to fight alone.


I wasn’t thrown one rock,

Each person threw a rock,

Yet I fought to remain standing with each rock,

Then I walked away and cried because of each rock,

Yet I never threw a rock.


I tried to defend myself,

Yet I never once hurt them back,

I didn’t sink low to defend myself,

What hurt the most is that no one had my back,

What hurt the most was that I was the only one defending myself.


Oh yes, I was ignored every time I spoke,

No one listened when I said how much it hurt,

The crowd didn’t care to listen when I spoke,

They just wanted to get more power while I hurt,

I finally realized I need to walk away or stay and remain a joke.

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