Goodbye Shaggy (Poem)

Entered when death was nearing,

Lived a difficult life as a stray cat,

Wanted a safe place as death was nearing,

We were a temporary home for this cat,

Deep down we all knew death was nearing.


Now my heart is breaking for this cat we named Shaggy,

A fur so dirty because of the difficult life,

I ask “Why didn’t you come sooner Shaggy?”

Why did you have to enter when you were about to say goodbye to life?

Thus, yesterday we said goodbye to Shaggy.


Shaggy went to heaven,

Yet passed away in a safe place,

Shaggy can now relax in heaven,

It hurts that Shaggy is gone to a better place,

Yet one day we’ll meet in heaven.


Glad Shaggy didn’t pass away where no one cared,

We loved Shaggy even if this cat wasn’t with us long,

Found a cremation place that actually cared,

Shaggy deserved the best even if it wasn’t long,

After all, in the end, Shaggy just wanted someone that cared.


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