In marriage tears also fall,

His arms aren’t always there to comfort you,

He isn’t always there to catch you when you fall,

Yes, a husband can also hurt and disappoint you,

“I do” didn’t mean I’ll always be there when you fall.


How do I know?

During my hardship I said “leave, it’s better for us to be alone,”

This is how I know,

He left the house and left me alone,

This is how I know.


So here I am crying because I’m alone while life feels hard,

Yes, I said leave,

Yet who actually wants to be alone when life is hard?

So why did he leave?

He left because he also says life is hard.


You see there are times when we aren’t each other’s comfort,

Eventually, we stop needing each other,

Endings sometimes happen the less we turn each other for comfort,

Yet you can’t hold on when you aren’t meant to be with each other,

Thus, for now, we’ll be together until we no longer need each other for comfort.