Co-workers break my heart,

I can’t escape since money is a necessity for survival,

I wish these co-workers wouldn’t break my heart,

I wish money wasn’t that necessary for survival,

Thus, money can break my heart.


Yet I’m grateful that I work from home,

The co-workers don’t see the tears that fall because of them,

My dogs and husband are the only ones who see my tears at home,

My husband comforts me when I’m hurting because of them,

I don’t ever let the co-workers see what my husband sees at home.


My co-workers see a woman who defends herself,

In their eyes, I appear like a bitch,

I don’t ever let them see that I’m not a woman who doesn’t defend herself,

I hide the hurt behind the appearance of a bitch,

I do it because in this company there are people who’ll use me if I don’t show “I am someone who defends herself.”