Dear Grandpa,

I can’t say I like you,

There have been times when I wished I had a better grandpa,

You only ever cared about you,

You have truly been a terrible grandpa.


I disliked living with you all those years,

Yet my mom wanted you with us,

I was grateful when you moved out after all those years,

You never truly cared about us,

You weren’t really nice to my mom throughout the years.


My dad, my sister, and I are grateful that we convinced my mom to move you,

You went from house to house,

Now nobody wants to take care of you,

It’s because of what you did to my cousin’s child that you’re leaving that house,

Now everyone is disappointed in you.


No one ever wanted to put you in a senior home,

Yet you made a mistake with my cousin’s child,

Now you can’t stay in the last relative that offered you their home,

All because you couldn’t stop yourself from mistreating a child,

I just hope my mom doesn’t feel bad and try to bring you back to her home.