Parent (Poem)

There were times when I felt hated,

Still, I asked you to choose between your father and me,

You chose your father and made me feel hated,

You said the words that truly hurt me when you chose between your father and me,

Now I’m feeling hated.


You said a parent comes first then their child,

I asked, “what would you do if I put him in jail for what he did?”

You made it clear you wouldn’t talk to me even if I was your child,

It was clear you’ll accept your father no matter what he did,

It was clear that you hated your own child.


Now my heart is hurting because we’re choosing not to speak,

You’re probably waiting for me to talk to you first,

Yet I don’t want to speak,

I can’t pretend that I accept that your father comes first,

I’m too hurt to even speak.


I can’t say I choose you first since you’re my parent,

I’m choosing myself first in this,

My feelings come first and not because you’re my parent,

I won’t ever accept that you said this,

It doesn’t matter if you’re my parent.


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