Depression (Poem)

Depression hits me when I’m taken,

It can be so hard to overcome the depression,

It’s harder because I’m taken,

A relationship can have issues because of depression,

Depression can hurt another when you’re taken.


He has his own worries and wants me to comfort him,

I want to get comfort because I’m so depressed,

Thus, I end up constantly arguing with him,

I say “Let’s go our separate ways since I’m always depressed,”

I tell him to find someone better for him.


I think about how I desperately wanted someone when I was single,

When I was single I wanted to get comfort when I was depressed,

It hurt so much to be single,

Yet I don’t want him to deal with me when I’m depressed,

Thus, I rather hurt alone and be single.


I used to believe true love would overcome anything,

When I got married I realized true love is about wanting the other happy,

True love doesn’t mean we can overcome everything,

What’s the point of staying for love when the other isn’t happy?

At times life just says “your love wasn’t meant to overcome everything.”

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