Isn’t Easy (Poem)

Associates, Bachelor, and Masters are all that I have,

None of these degrees were easy to obtain,

Yet a job isn’t what I have,

A job also isn’t easy to obtain,

It doesn’t matter how many degrees that I have.


Still, I didn’t give up on obtaining my degree,

I’m still pursuing my education,

I’m still trying to get a doctorate degree,

I’m so grateful for the state colleges and universities that provide online education,

Online education made it possible to achieve my goal of obtaining a degree.


Now I have to keep trying to obtain a telecommute job,

I have years of telecommuting experience,

Thus, I know it’s possible to get another telecommute job,

Yet it isn’t easy even with experience,

I still cry because I get tired of working so hard for a degree and job.


Yes, I want to take a break from all this fighting,

Yet a break won’t give me a job,

No one is going to do my fighting,

I’m the only one that can get my own job,

Thus, I’ll keep fighting.

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