Kids Path (Poem)

The doctor said you might not be able to have your own kids,

My phobia said I can’t have my own kids,

I told myself “It’s okay, I don’t have to give birth to my own kids,”

I said “There are a lot of foster kids,”

I said, “The foster kids will be my kids.”


The adoption agencies cost a lot of money,

Thus, I chose a foster agency,

I didn’t have a lot of money,

It felt so hard to adopt from a foster agency,

Yet a foster agency didn’t cost a lot of money.


The hard part was getting through the required training classes,

I tried to convince myself I’ll be fine without kids,

It felt so hard to complete all the required foster classes,

I got depressed at the idea of actually living a life without kids,

However, I was able to attend classes and remain because of the kind people in classes.



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