Realization (Poem)

You knew I was leaving,

All my clothes were gone from the closet,

Yet you didn’t like that I was the first that was leaving,

You planned to hurt me when you saw the empty closet,

The images of you and another appeared when I was leaving.


You threw away my photo,

Sexual photos of you and another were replaced in your phone,

You made it clear you weren’t going to stop me from leaving when you threw away my photo,

A few days later you were breaking up with me through the phone,

It was a relationship that never meant anything just like the thrown away photo.


The hard part of this relationship was that we lived together,

It was hard to realize that I was sleeping next to a cheater,

Yet it was that realization that made me grateful we weren’t together,

After all, it would’ve been so many years of misery if I stayed with a cheater,

Thus, you gave me the greatest gift for saying “We shouldn’t be together.”

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