Silliness (Poem)

He says “Tell me when you’re upset,”

I don’t always tell him,

Instead, I put on loud music when I’m upset,

I sing and I wait for him,

Yet there have been times when he fell asleep while I was upset.


I look at him with hurt while he’s sleeping,

How could he fall asleep while I was crying?

So I ask “Are you really sleeping?”

He responds in his sleep without realizing I was crying,

I just want to lay down and kick him off the bed for sleeping.


Days pass and we laugh at my silliness,

Realizing how silly it is to act like a child instead of telling him that I’m upset,

I’ll always be grateful that he laughs at my silliness,

Grateful that we always sit down afterward and discuss why I was upset,

Proving that it’s good to talk and laugh at the silliness.

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