CPS (Poem)

CPS takes the child away,

CPS puts them in a foster home,

Some foster parents get emotionally attached to the child taken away,

Some foster parents do their best to give love in their home,

Then CPS takes the child away.


Why take the child away from the biological parent?

CPS says the biological parent isn’t fit to be a parent,

Thus, CPS takes them to a foster parent,

Then CPS says “never mind, we want to take them back to the unfit biological parent,”

CPS proves that they don’t care about the foster parent.


No, it isn’t easy to be a foster parent,

The child goes into a home with psychological issues,

Those issues are sometimes so hard for the foster parent,

After all, a foster parent doesn’t always have a degree on psychological issues,

Yet they do their best as a foster parent.


Does that mean CPS cares about the child?

No, CPS puts the child back with an unfit biological parent,

No, CPS kicks out the foster kid from the system when they stop being a child,

No, CPS takes the child away from a loving foster parent,

No, CPS doesn’t really care about the child.


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