Keeping Unhappy Memories (Poem)

My brain exhausts me,

I want to blame my parents for my psychological issues,

I feel myself say “how can you do this to me?”

Yet deep down I know it doesn’t help me overcome my issues,

Blaming my past doesn’t help me overcome the issues within me.


I want to have my own happy family,

Yet the doubt keeps appearing over and over,

I question if there’s a possibility of a happy family,

I wonder when it’s all going to be over,

There’s a voice that sometimes says “I’m not meant for a happy family.”


Once again I get angry at my parents,

Oh how I wish I could yank out all my unhappy memories,

Yet that would mean no memories of my parents,

There isn’t a lot of happy memories,

Thus, in the end, I’ll choose to keep the painful memories just to have memories of my parents.

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