Choices You Make (Poem)

Change is a choice that you make,

One day you’re making bad choices,

The next day you’re saying those aren’t the choices you are choosing to make,

It’s about how desperately you want to stop making bad choices,

Even you’re own personality can change with the choices you make.


Just like “I don’t want to say these types of words,”

I don’t want to be mean,

You don’t have to say those words,

You don’t have to be mean,

It’s up to you to choose when it comes to personality or words.


The question is, “who do you want to be?”

Yes, you might lose people during the choices,

The question is, “do you love the person you are choosing to be?”

Can you live with your choices?

So in the end, why not choose people and choices that make you say “I love who I’m choosing to be?”

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