One Night (Poem)

I’m sorry for sleeping with you,

I was hurting so much,

I was trying to escape my pain by sleeping with you,

Sleeping with you wasn’t the right way to stop hurting so much,

Instead, I felt my own value get lowered by sleeping with you.


My sexual partners kept rising,

My pain kept increasing,

I wanted to scrub the dirtiness I felt as my partners kept rising,

I didn’t know how to deal with the pain that kept increasing,

I said, “no one is going to truly love me as my partners keep rising.”


One minute the guy was loving,

The next he said not to contact him after the one night stand,

Proving once again that dealing with the pain was better than a temporary loving,

Proving there wasn’t a point to a one night,

After all, the pain only increased with a one night stand.

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