Psychiatrist (Poem)

What b.s. is this psychiatrist saying?

I wanted to punch her since I didn’t understand the brain,

I thought she didn’t know what she was saying,

I researched the brain,

Turns out that she might have known what she was saying.


Heard that some get abused by their patients,

I can’t say that I would want to be a psychiatrist,

Truth is, I think most of the world should be patients,

A lot of us have issues that sometimes need to be analyzed by a psychiatrist,

Too bad that we don’t all get cured by a psychiatrist.


The fact is, our thinking isn’t easily changed by a psychiatrist,

Our thoughts are our choices,

We get advice from a psychiatrist,

Yet the treatment sometimes fails because of our choices,

On occasions, it fails because of the lack of knowledge from psychiatrists.


So what do I say?

You choose who and what to believe,

That’s what I say,

The proven cure is what I believe,

That’s what I say,

In the words of Brian Tracy, “Change your thinking, Change your life,’ is what I believe.

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