The Purpose (Poem)

Sheltered virgin meets a bad boy,

A young girl believing in romance novels,

A good girl thinking she can change a bad boy,

Goodbye virginity and the illusion of novels,

Hello, tears caused by a bad boy.


Good girl turned to a bad girl,

The girl acted like a sex addict that felt unsatisfied with sex,

Sex wasn’t truly understood by this girl,

Understood when she asked herself, “why do you have sex?”

The answer helped her stopped being a girl.


The lady said, “sex without love has no purpose,”

The lady said, “you won’t die if you don’t have sex,”

The lady said, “a good man, marriage, and love are my purpose,”

The lady took a break from sex and stopped feeling like she was addicted to sex,

In the end, she found the satisfaction she was looking for when she and her husband said: “I do.”

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