The Rights (Poem)

A girlfriend might get called crazy for “stalking” a boyfriend,

A wife has more rights than a girlfriend,

It feels so much better to have a husband than a boyfriend,

Never liked the little rights I had as a girlfriend,

So glad I said goodbye to boyfriend.


I ask “who is that female?”

I ask “where are you going?”

I have the right to say “don’t ever talk to that female,”

I have the right to say “no, that isn’t where you are going,”

He also has the right to say “no you aren’t going and I don’t approve of that male.”


I can see his phone,

I can see his email,

He can see my phone,

He can see my email,

There is no “you can’t see my email or phone.”


I do means “there’s nothing we should hide from each other,”

Don’t get married if you want to hide something,

I do means choosing each other,

Marriage isn’t for those who want to hide something,

Marriage is only for those who can truly respect each other.



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