Neighborhood (Poem)

Peace was all I asked for,

To enjoy the scene without a terrible neighbor,

Was that too much to ask for?

Why did we end up with a terrible neighbor?

Perhaps it was too much to ask for?


Ghetto neighbor dumping their trash on our property,

We pay thousands for our property and that ghetto neighbor acts like our house belongs to them,

Thus, we had to get a camera to record that they were coming uninvited to our property,

I doubt a camera is going to stop them,

Yes, it’s sad that we might have to use the law to stop them from stepping on our property.


Yes, there were shootings in my old neighborhood,

There were fights in my old neighborhood,

Hopefully, this neighbor isn’t like the gangsters in my old neighborhood,

Left a bad neighborhood in order to feel safe in a better neighborhood,

All that’s left to do is hope that this neighbor doesn’t trespass again in order to remain a peaceful neighborhood.

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