Exist (Poem)

Do you truly exist?

Were you made up by someone who was struggling?

Why do I exist?

Is life just about struggling?

Please help me understand the answer to “Why do I exist?”


I question your existence when I’m struggling,

Grateful when there’s peace,

I feel so old when I keep struggling,

Do you dislike when I’m at peace?

Why do you use your power to keep me struggling?


I feel like all the doors are shutting around me,

I feel tiny as everyone keeps stomping on my goals,

Do you like to see others mistreat me?

Do dislike the idea of accomplishing my goals?

Why do you keep doing this to me?


I guess the logical side of me says “You don’t exist,”

How can a “God” want to constantly see me struggle?

The other side of me says “I have to believe that you exist,”

Believing is what helps me through my struggle,

Thus, I’ll believe or not believe if it helps me cope with “Why do I exist?”

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