Heatless Ones (Poem)

It was always your way,

It was never my way,

I wanted to be loved my way,

You didn’t want to love me my way,

We both went our separate way.


The manager said to do this and this,

The manager used me over and over,

I was so stressed over this,

I wondered when it was going to be over,

I walked away when I finally said: “I’m done with this.”


The foster agency said you can’t adopt,

The dream of being a mother shattered,

Hard to accept that I can’t have my own child or adopt,

Yet I keep doing my best to move forward when my dreams keep being shattered,

I guess some weren’t meant to have a child or adopt.


Point is, everything is always controlled by the heartless ones,

I hate feeling powerless against controlling jerks,

Why do I always keep meeting the heartless ones?

Why do I always have to fight against jerks?

I truly need a break from the heartless ones.


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