Your Voice (Poem)

Your voice is what matters,

Silence won’t lead to the right people to hear you,

Believe that your voice matters,

Don’t be afraid when the wrong people leave you,

Attracting the right people is what matters.


I stopped speaking when others said stop speaking,

I was left alone because I listened to the bullies,

I was so scared when I was speaking,

I was so scared of the bullies,

Yet I had to courage to speak more when I started to miss speaking.


It felt so lonely when I didn’t have someone to talk to,

I missed hearing conversations,

I desperately wanted someone to talk to,

Thus, I left my cage and started to cherish the conversations,

It felt so wonderful to have someone to talk to.


I didn’t know then that it was my own voice that would release me from some fears,

I stopped caring about the bullies and started to enjoy talking again,

It was in the loneliness that I had the courage to speak and overcome fears,

I realized that I didn’t need people who didn’t want to hear me talking again,

Eliminating the wrong people from my life is what helped me overcome some fears.

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