So Young (Poem)

They’re so young,

They already experienced mistreatment,

How can someone hurt someone so young?

What kind of person will they become because of the mistreatment?

Who is willing to work with a child who has been mistreated for long?


Our hearts break over the thought,

Yet a mistreated child sometimes means we’ll get hurt in return,

That’s my thought,

I wonder if I’m able to handle getting hurt in return,

No, I don’t hate this thought.


The fact is, healing someone isn’t an easy task,

There are some that can change,

There are some kids that go from foster home to foster home because of the difficult task,

It’s up to us to admit to ourselves if we have the strength and courage to work on a positive change,

It’s up to us to admit whether or not we’ll succeed with this difficult task.

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