Try Again (Poem)

Healing takes time,

Moving from one person to the next isn’t always the right thing to do,

Another might be another waste of time,

Another might not be the one that says “I do,”

At times you need single time.


You shouldn’t have the feeling of going back to an ex if they reappear,

Why should you have that longing for someone who left you?

Don’t long for someone who didn’t hesitate to disappear,

Move forward to the one who truly wants to stay with you,

Don’t long for someone who’ll make you wonder when they’ll disappear.


When should you date again?

When the longing for an ex is gone,

When you tell yourself “I’m not going to let my ex hurt me again,”

When you are finally able to see why you should be grateful that your ex is gone,

That’s when you’re ready to try again.

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