We Run, We Fight (Poem)

In fear, we run,

In fear, we fight,

In what ways do we run?

In what ways do we fight?

There are many ways to fight and run.


I was afraid of him,

My verbal words were a way to fight,

I was smaller than him,

He knew how to fight,

Using verbal words were the only way to beat him.


Cutting all connections from him was a way to run,

Staying with him was like being frozen from fear,

Eventually, I unfroze and chose to run,

There were constant panic attacks while trying to endure the fear,

The panic attacks lessened the moment I chose to run.


You see we run and fight in many ways,

Do I regret running?

No, my body symptoms were protecting me in different ways,

I wouldn’t have a good life if I hadn’t started running,

Thus, I say “thank you body for trying to alert me of the danger in many ways.”

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