Afraid of Another (Poem)

He playfully tried to touch me with an insect,

I said stop without any fear,

I trusted him not to touch me with the insect,

Trust means no fear,

I knew he’ll stop if I actually showed that I was afraid of the insect.


There are others who won’t listen when I say I’m afraid,

They don’t care when they scare me,

There are others who’ll say hurtful words when I say I’m afraid,

These are the people who bring worry when they’re around me,

The fact that I can’t trust them is what leads to being afraid.


You see there are times when we must question why we panic around another,

Perhaps you believe that person is going to hurt you?

Don’t assume there’s something wrong with you when you panic around another,

Instead you should question the person who is with you,

Perhaps the panic will lessen as you try to understand why you’re afraid of another.



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