Divorce (Poem)

I hear people get divorced,

I know that our love story can change,

People divorce when they are meant to get divorced,

A love story changes because it’s meant to change,

Being in love one minute doesn’t mean you won’t get divorced.


I fear the word “divorce,”

Thus, I constantly bring up the word that I’m afraid of,

I work on trying to remove the negative feeling that I associated with the word “divorce,”

Yet it still continues to be a word that I’m afraid of,

I fear it because the painful ending is what I’ve attached to the word “divorce.”


Yes, I’ve been through so many bad endings,

Yet no end ever helps you with another ending,

Someone always gets hurt with bad endings,

Usually, I’m the one that gets hurt the most with an ending,

Hopefully, our marriage is forever and not another relationship that is added to the bad endings.



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