Cheat (Poem)

You cheat and cheat,

I should feel sorry for you for not knowing how to love,

You must be so insecure if you only know how to cheat,

Sorry but I don’t feel bad for ANYONE who cheats just because they don’t know how to love,

No one deserves a cheat.


You cheat on the one that truly loves you,

The one that’s getting cheating on is becoming insecure just like you,

Insecurity is the result of anyone who loves you,

You only care about you,

No one leaves unhurt when they get involved with you.


So I say, “Get some therapy for your cheating ways,”

Perhaps you’ll stop feeling so empty inside,

Perhaps you’ll encounter someone who might not get hurt because of your cheating ways,

Perhaps that person won’t end up feeling empty inside,

Too bad you enjoy your cheating ways.

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